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A brief outline

This page is only intended to briefly outline the formation history of our society, and not an effort to fully document the Minutes of our meetings.

Formation - Historical Group

Originally recorded as ‘Historical Group’ within the Minutes, the concept of an historical society for Carrigtwohill was the brainchild of our founding members as a group of local history enthusiasts. These Minutes record the first meeting held, 21st March 2011, at the Community Centre, with Michael White (Chair), Ollie O’Connor (Vice Chair), Ollie Sheehan (Secretary), Michael Cummins (Treasurer) and John O’Mahony (PRO) as the founding members. By 30th November the group assumed a formal structure and appointed their official status as shown bracketed. That same day these members each contributed €50 to help cover expenditure, and continued to financially support the early years until membership eventually was able to cover these costs.

The composition of the Historical Group began to change. On the 8th February 2013 it was recorded that members would begin to look at the structures of other Local Historical Societies, seeking their assistance and advice as to how best to formulate our own Historical Society. By the meeting of, 20th March 2013, Ollie O’Connor was complemented on his exhaustive efforts in researching other Historical Societies, when it was agreed ours would be based on the Drogheda template, whose objectives are to “preserve awareness of our heritage.” That same day it was agreed a draft constitution would be formulated.

Another extremely important member of this group from the very beginning was the renowned and respected, late, Johnny Harte, who upon formation of our Historical Society was the 'unanimous choice as its inaugural' President , a position he held until his recently lamented passing. R. I. P.

L-R: Ollie O'Connor, John O'Mahony, Jim Barry, Johnny Harte, and Michael Cummins

Almost immediately upon formation a project was commenced collating archival material from a number of sources for eventual use, and reference. This has been continually added to over the years. Some of that material shall now be included on relevant section of our website.

Inaugural Meeting & Launch - Carrigtwohill & District Historical Society

The founding members remained the nucleus of the group until the inaugural meeting of Carrigtwohill & District Historical Society, 10th April 2013, when it was formally launched at the Community Council Centre. The opening passage of the Minutes of that day record;

“It was agreed that we the above are the Officers of “Carrigtwohill and District Historical Society”.

It was further agreed that the Constitution would be adopted at first AGM.

At this time there were no members. The first signed up membership began [….] consisted of [….] individuals. Since then membership has steadily increased.

Our Constitution

Aims & Objectives